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Trekking in Peruvian Andes

Trekking in Peruvian Andes is a very special experience for every landscape photographers out there. Everywhere you go, the beauty of the untouched nature is just magnificent.

I especially liked the shades in the earth due to the presence of different minerals. This is what creates the contrasting stripes, better known as the “Rainbow mountains”. Sadly, it wasn’t a sunny day and I decided to edit the photos in black & white instead. I thought it gave it a little more dramatic feeling!

The vegetation can be surprising as well. You can look at a cactus and snowy mountains at the same time. This is mainly caused by big changes in elevation. This is why trekking is the best way to discover those remote regions of the Peruvian Andes.

If you wish to have one of these images printed, and it’s not yet on my Society 6 page, let me know and I will make it happen!