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Travel Itineraries

You’ll find inspirations for your next adventure and practical details to build the perfect itinerary for you.


You can view my portofolio of outdoors and travel photography and get some tricks to plan your photo itineray.

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About me and the blog<br><br>
About me and the blog

My name is Sarah. I’m an architect and I live in Montreal, Quebec. I am not a professional photographer, but I have a lot of fun learning. If like me, you’re trying to get better at it, I’ll be happy to give away a few tips & tricks as I learn them!

What drew me to photography was actually travelling. I figured out pretty early that I wanted to explore places all over the world and see what else they had to offer. I lived in Europe, travelled to Asia, Africa, South and North Americas, and I’m not stopping now!

I found that my travel experiences are helping me to be more creative and to challenge myself. Every time, I discover a new thing about me or I see something from a different perspective. I hope I can share those feelings with you through my images!